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Air Conditioning Repair Service in Orlando

After a long day under the Orlando sun, coming home to a hot and stuffy home with a broken air conditioning is the stuff of nightmares! Sadly, this could be reality at the worst possible time. TemperaturePro offers 24 hour emergency air conditioning repair service for those hot nights where the unfortunate has taken place.

Refrigeration Repair Service

The walk-in cooler or commercial refrigerator is the heart of any food service business. TemperaturePro offers commercial refrigeration service and repair.

Industrial Air Conditioning Repair

We offer service on industrial AC systems. Repair of industrial air systems require a certain knowledge about the systems, and an unprofessional repairman could be dangerous for the air system. At TemperaturePro, we understand the complexity of these compression systems, and have experience with rooftop repairs so you can be sure that your system will be running at optimal efficiency soon!

Commercial AC Repair

There’s nothing worse than a hot inside to match the heat outside. TemperaturePro can repair any broken cooler system, from restaurants, supermarkets and grocery stores to schools, hospitals and office buildings.

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