How Many Attic Vents Do I Need for My Commercial Property: Calculation Guide

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January 16, 2023

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Business owners may consider the primary area of their commercial property, where they provide services or their main floor, to be the most important. However, having the correct number of attic vents and a thoroughly ventilated attic is essential to keep the entire structure safe.

How many attic vents do I need for my commercial property? TemperaturePro Orlando has a helpful attic ventilation guide; keep reading to calculate ventilation for your business.

Why Is Attic Ventilation Essential?

Businesses often overlook attic ventilation, but it is critical to protect your building’s roof, improve energy efficiency, and prevent water damage, mold and mildew growth, and rot. If you use your attic space as company storage, you want to avoid excess humidity or moisture, as they can damage anything you keep up there.  

Calculating Commercial Attic Ventilation

How many attic vents do I need for my commercial property?

You can follow the general guideline that for every 300 square feet of attic area, you must have 1 square foot of ventilation. The average ventilation ratio to attic space is 1:300, and you should equally distribute your ventilation between the intake and exhaust vents. 

You can use the following calculations to determine the number of needed vents: 

  1. Determine the total square footage of your attic. Multiply the length by the width. (L x W = T)
  2. Divide the total square footage by 300 for the required ventilation. Half of this will go toward exhaust fans and the other half to intake fans. (T/300= Feet of Ventilation)

You can measure your vents’ opening or check their labels to see if they cover a specific amount of square footage. Then, subtract the number of grates from the vent’s size. The openings contribute to the total amount of ventilation square footage. 

How to Improve Your Business’s Attic Ventilation

Consider these simple ways to improve your commercial property’s attic ventilation:

  • Install soffit vents in your eaves to improve airflow.
  • Filter out moisture and hot water with roof vents, exhaust vents, ridge vents, or turbines.
  • Gable vents at either end of your roof can provide additional airflow.
  • Attic fans can significantly improve ventilation.

Receive a Commercial Attic Ventilation Consultation from TemperaturePro Orlando

We hope this calculation guide has helped you determine if your commercial property has adequate ventilation. If you are still asking, “How many attic vents do I need?” let us inspect your business’s attic space and evaluate its current condition. We can note any areas requiring repairs and offer the best ventilation solutions available.

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