How Often Should Air Conditioners be Serviced?

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June 1, 2019

How often should air conditioners be serviced? Here at TemperaturePro, we get this question a lot. It’s true, you should get your air conditioning serviced frequently. It’s important to always get your AC unit checked. Having your AC unit inspected frequently will prevent concerns and future issues that could significantly harm or even damage your HVAC system.

But how often should air conditioners be services? To answer that, let’s first begin by explaining the “why” behind that question.

As your AC unit runs, it develops dirt and particulars in areas that can affect the performance of your unit, decreasing efficiency and creating potential hazards, such as a whole system failure.

Why You Should Inspect Your Unit

Inspecting your unit will increase the longevity of the unit itself. It will help keep your unit energy efficient, lowering your energy costs. The routine service will also make the chances of a major breakdown less likely.

If you do not have your unit routinely inspected this can eventually lead to it breaking down. In retrospect, spending a few dollars to keep your unit up to speed will pay for itself in the long-run. Since the cost of replacing a unit that was not maintained could be in the thousands. The potential energy savings for ensuring your unit is running efficiently is potentially astronomical.

Getting your unit checked and maintained by a licensed HVAC expert can help reduce your energy bill by about 15 percent. The average monthly electricity bill was $110.21 in 2013. So if you were to ensure that your AC unit received routine service, you could then save around $16.50, which, in a year, is nearly $200 in savings.

Everything, in the end, is a numbers game, and what may not look like a lot of money, can truly be beneficial for your home and your electric bill.  

How Often Should Air Conditioners be Serviced?

The truth is, that no matter the device or unit you have, from the cheapest to the most expensive HVAC and AC system, you should always have a professional take a look at your AC unit. This should be done (drumroll) at least once a year. Sometimes, depending on the situation and age of your unit, every 6 months (so twice a year).

When it comes to getting your unit serviced, there are a few things we suggest getting looked at and service.

  • Clean or replace the filter
  • Clean the indoor coil
  • Clean the outdoor coil
  • Clean the pump
  • Inspect all parts of the unit

HVAC Service & Maintenance from TemperaturePro

So how often should air conditioners be serviced? At least once a year. Now that you know that, let TemperaturePro Orlando be your AC service company? TemperaturePro offers a vast array of HVAC and AC services. We can not only take a look at your AC unit, but we can also address and resolve any and all of your air conditioning issues.

Here are some of our services:

  • Ventilation System Service
  • Heater & Heat Pump Service
  • Residential iHVAC Construction
  • Furnace Service
  • Thermostat Service
  • AC & HVAC Service
  • Dehumidifier Service

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