How Often Should HVAC Filters be Changed?

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October 20, 2022

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HVAC filters are essential parts of the HVAC system that contribute to your house’s temperature and air quality by removing small pollutants, such as dust and pollen, from the air.

The process is relatively simple. Airborne particles are sucked into the filter to prevent recirculation. However, these trapped contaminants eventually build up and clog the filter. 

Without regular replacement, these clogged filters can allow dust particles to seep into the HVAC system. Unfiltered air not only causes the furnace and air filters to fail, but it decreases the quality of the air you are breathing.

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How Often Should HVAC Filters Be Changed?

Most HVAC technicians will tell you to replace your filter every 90 days. However, that truly depends on the quality of your filters. If you have low-quality filters, you should replace them every 30 days. 

Here are several other reasons you might need to replace your filters more often.

How Often Should HVAC Filters Be Changed If You Have Allergies or Asthma

Dirty air filters can be harmful to people who are sensitive to dust. Low indoor air quality can trigger asthma attacks and allergic reactions. 

We recommend replacing your old filters every 20 to 45 days if you struggle with lung-related issues.

Pets and HVAC Filters

Pets can be wonderful companions, but they shed hair and dander. Unfortunately, HVAC equipment can clog quicker with these furry friends running around the house. Even if you have high-quality filters, technicians recommend that you insert clean filters every 60 days.

HVAC Filters in Large Homes

Your house size is a significant factor when considering filter replacement. Air pumps require less power and time to change the temperature in small houses. If the house is large, the pump needs to work harder to cool the home.

The harder an HVAC system works, the quicker your filters clog. Technicians recommend that a large house maintain a frequent air filter replacement routine.

Should I Use High-quality HVAC Filters?

This question has mixed answers. Most technicians will tell you to get high-quality air filters and not worry about replacing them often. However, high-quality air filters require the pump to use more energy to recirculate the air. If you are spending more on each filter, your air conditioning or heating bill will be higher. Although it might seem counter-intuitive, it usually is better to get cheaper filters and replace them once a month.

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How often should HVAC filters be changed? The answer is about every one to two months. Our professional HVAC technicians can handle replacing your HVAC filters and provide routine inspections and maintenance to keep your system working smoothly year-round.

Read about our HVAC maintenance tips to find more ways to keep your HVAC system healthy. If you want to learn more about how often to change your HVAC filters, call our TemperaturePro team at (407) 225-8903 to schedule a professional assessment.