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    TemperaturePro Orlando provides the best residential and commercial air conditioning services in the Greater Orlando Area. We are your heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) experts.

    When it comes to air conditioning service, whether it’s residential or commercial, TemperaturePro has you covered. TemperaturePro is your #1 choice for local, personable and dependable AC repairs, service and installation.

    Florida is known for its heat. There’s a reason why the person who invented the concept of the air conditioner was born and raised in Florida. In 1842, Dr. John Gorrie used a compressor to create ice to cool air for his patients.

    Today, the AC unit has changed significantly, but the same general idea still persists: keeping cool in Florida is not only a comfort, it’s a necessity. And finding the right HVAC expert is important so you can stay cool all year long.

    The pros at TemperaturePro are those experts. Like John Gorrie, we can help you stay cool longer.

    We offer both residential and commercial air conditioning services.

    TemperaturePro Orlando, Your Air Conditioning Service Experts

    TemperaturePro Orlando has been family-owned and operated for over 50 years, which means we offer personalized, individual service that you can trust and rely on.

    >We work with all major brands to ensure that our customers’ needs are met. We work with York, Mitsubishi, American Standard/Trane, Bryant/Carrier, Daikin, Goodman, Heil, and more. We can work with AC units installed by other HVAC companies, too.

    Temperature Pro Orlando manages all of Orange County, Florida, so our technicians can be at your house or office quickly to give an in-person evaluation and pre-estimate of the problems.

    We also offer support when needed residentially or commercially.


    With TemperaturePro, you can rest assured that any HVAC need for your home will be taken care of quickly and precisely. Have any emergencies? Those will be fixed quickly and with expertise and precision.

    For your home, we can offer a number of proven solutions. We can install, replace and repair:

    • Compressor
    • Air Handler
    • Coils
    • Freon
    • Small AC unit

    TemperaturePro knows how to fix mistakes caused by inexperienced AC techs and even do-it-yourself homeowners. With our proven HVAC expertise, we can easily fix any issues we run into.

    Common AC Issues We Fix:

    • It’s blowing warm air
    • Inefficient airflow
    • Incorrect thermostat
    • Weird/loud noises
    • Awful odors
    • High humidity in your house
    • Leaks from water or freon
    • Higher than normal electric bills

    We offer full warranties and permits because we have the proper licensing and certifications along with reputable and honest technicians.


    Is your office in need of proper AC care and maintenance? TemperaturePro Orlando has you covered. With our commercial air conditioning service, we service apartments and commercial properties. So you can rest assured that any issues you may encounter will be resolved.

    Common Commercial AC Issues:

    • Age
    • Circuit Breaker
    • Dirty Filters
    • Minimal Maintenance
    • Noises
    • Leaks

    We can address these issues and concerns professionally and in a timely manner, without interrupting your work, office or coworkers.

    In the end, just like with a home AC unit, the best way to prevent any problem you may encounter with your HVAC unit is to have preventive measures, this includes routine maintenance by one of our technicians, who is trained to ensure that your commercial AC unit is running smoothly all year round.

    TemperaturePro Orlando Services

    As the HVAC experts you can trust, we offer a wide array of services for commercial and residential homes.

    HVAC Services:

    • Heater & Heat Pump Service
    • Furnace Service
    • Thermostat Service
    • Zone Control Systems Service
    • Ventilation System Service
    • Dehumidifier Service

    We also offer financing!

    If you’re in need of air conditioning services for your home or office, be sure to give us a call today at (407) 440-4545 or fill out our contact form here.

    We are the HVAC experts you can trust.

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