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    TemperaturePro Orlando offers expert residential and commercial thermostat service in the Greater Orlando Area.

    Having problems with your thermostat? Then look no further than TemperaturePro, your thermostat experts. We can repair, replace or install a thermostat for you in no time.

    We can replace your old thermostat with an energy saving smart thermostat, a programmable thermostat or just your basic run-of-the-mill thermostat. After installing, we will walk you through how to use it, and give you some pointers on how to save energy.

    With air conditioning being used in 87 percent of homes in the US, the average cost of energy for US homes is $265 a month. About 27 percent of your total household energy consumption can come from your AC unit. Owning a smart thermostat or knowing some thermostat best-practices could help decrease your bill.

    But what sort of thermostat should you pick? There are so many options.


    At TemperaturePro, we believe that our customers should always feel comfortable at home or in their office, that’s why we offer thermostat services. There’s nothing worse than when a thermostat goes awry and you’re boiling for no reason. Comfortable temperatures are always a promise we make to our customers.

    Depending on your home or office needs, you can find the right kind of thermostat. The 21st century is filled with technology that makes our lives’ easier and thermostats are one of those advances. With models that can even remember what temperature you like to set your bedroom or office when you go to bed or go to lunch—there are many options right for you.

    If you purchase a programmable thermostat, you can be sure that you will be saving money. Programmable thermostats allow to you to control how much your AC unit or your heat runs, keeping your house at the right temperature all year round.

    A smart thermostat, though pricey, can help you save money. You can control your thermostat with an app, so if you’re away from home, you can set the temperature you want to save money.

    Perks of Smart Thermostats:

    • Energy saving
    • Remote access
    • Money saving
    • Programmable
    • Analyze your energy use
    • Time saving

    If you have questions about thermostats or our Orlando thermostat service, we would be happy to help.

    TemperaturePro Orlando Thermostat Services

    TemperaturePro has been in business for over 50 years. This means that when you have thermostat issues, we can provide the help you need. Our family-owned business can help your family’s home or business. We are experts at all makes and models of thermostats.

    Since we have been a family-owned business for over 50 years and since we are state licensed and certified, we can offer personal, expert service quickly from our central Florida location in Orlando, Florida.

    We Service Thermostats In:

    • Residential Housing
    • Apartments
    • And Commercial properties

    TemperaturePro also offers support when needed residentially or commercially for these services as well:

    • AC & HVAC Service
    • Heater & Heat Pump Service
    • Furnace Service
    • Zone Control Systems Service
    • Ventilation System Service
    • Dehumidifier Service

    We also offer financing!

    If you’re in need of our commercial or residential thermostat services, be sure to give us a call today at (407) 440-4545 or fill out our contact form here.

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