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    Orlando AC Repair

    Orlando AC Repair

    You don’t have to wait until morning to call for an Orlando AC repair" href="">Orlando AC repair - Temperature Pro can come out day or night to work on your air conditioner and restore service if you’re experiencing issues with your cooling system. Call our helpline 24/7 to speak with a technician who can walk you through a few quick DIY options and dispatch an AC pro to your home if you need immediate repairs. Our Orlando AC repair services are affordable and may even save you money in time.

    Top Signs That Your AC Unit Needs a Repair

    1. Do you hear the unmistakable sound of your air conditioner cycling on and off repeatedly? If the unit cycles on, blows cold air, and cycles off within a minute or two, it could be due to the temperature outside being close to the same as your indoor air temperature. In this case, consider opening your windows instead of turning on your AC. Your AC’s filter may need to be cleaned out or replaced if you hear repeated cycling. When all else fails, call our reputable AC repair company in Orlando, FL.

    2. Is your AC blowing out warm air? If so, check to make sure it’s not on a down cycle. Once the temperature in your home reaches an ideal comfort level, the unit should cycle down for a time and cycle back on in order to maintain a comfortable temperature. You should notice your AC blowing cold air, then cycling down and blowing warm air throughout the course of the day. If your system is not blowing cold air or is failing to maintain the desired temperature, call us for an air conditioner repair in Orlando, FL.

    3. Have you noticed unusual noises coming from your AC, such as clunking, hissing, or gurgling? These are all signs that it’s time for a maintenance visit by our Orlando AC repair pros. Rely on Temperature pro for annual maintenance that ensures your cooling system is ready for another long Florida summer. You’ll find maintenance is an affordable way to keep your AC operating efficiently year after year.

    4. Does your air conditioner fail to come on when you touch the power button? Look to make sure the unit is plugged in, the thermostat is set to a comfortable temperature, and there is nothing blocking airflow. Check to see if a breaker has been tripped. When self-diagnostics fail, call Temperature Pro for an air conditioning repair in Orlando. We know how difficult it can be when the day starts to heat up and your AC is broken; we’ll arrive quickly to troubleshoot and make repairs, restoring service in a timely manner.

    Simply the Best

    At Temperature Pro, we’ve been called the best AC service company near me, and we don’t take lightly the fact that Orlando has chosen us as a top service provider. Our technicians work hard to provide a superior customer experience whenever you need an Orlando AC repair, upgrade, system maintenance, or replacement.

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