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    Painter Lead generation

    Painter Lead generation

    Lead generation is great for connecting painters with homeowners in need of their services. But not all painter lead generation services are equal. If you're a painting pro searching for more leads, you are in the right place. At Magpie Marketing, we are here to help your business expand and thrive by providing top-of-the-line lead generation services that will win you more painting jobs.

    Our lead generation ecosystem is tailored to the needs of painters and their consumers. You can be confident that our painting leads are from real homeowners looking for a top, trusted, dependable contractor to meet their painting needs. Our exclusive leads match qualified painters in real-time with homeowners in their local area. We guarantee we'll never sell your leads to direct competitors.

    How Can You Promote Your Painting Business?

    To get your name out there, volunteer to paint something for someone. Call your local charity and inquire about what they would like painted for the day. You can reap tremendously in the long-run from such selfless acts. The charity can refer you. They might even end up highlighting you in their newsletter, and everyone who reads it will talk about you.

    Also, build a strong business reputation. To date, referrals remain effective leads. Nowadays, people get referrals from complete strangers and trust them. All they need to do is go to popular online sites like Yelp, Google Reviews, and HomeAdvisor. What this means is that customer reviews, and your online reputation play a huge role in convincing leads to work with you. And, you get positive reviews by perpetually delivering second to none services. 

    Whenever possible, why not take that bold move and encourage satisfied clients to leave reviews on your social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram? And when you receive negative reviews, address the problem and use the feedback to rectify your shortcomings. In addition, include testimonials in your content. All these will go a long way in showing prospects that they can count on you.

    How We Deliver Painter Leads

    With the expansion of the home improvement industry, it's essential to stay relevant to your target audience's needs. We'll help you do that by coming up with sound, proven lead generation strategies. Our team of experts is dedicated to fostering the connection between you and your leads to grow your business. That means engaging new leads on your behalf by immediately including email and text message follow up—our messages all look like you've written them. And when you are free, you can take over the conversion.

    But first things first, our lead generation process begins with the main agenda—providing you with qualified leads. We deliver every homeowner's request to you as an exclusive lead via your phone and email in real-time. We are able to do that by understanding your unique needs. What's more, we tweak our strategies and campaigns to improve your lead quality.

    Increase Your Leads and Bottomline

    As a top-rated lead generation company, we know that succeeding in the painting industry requires reliable, consistent leads. In our years of service, we have developed solid painter lead generation strategies to get you the clients you need to grow your business. To get started, please schedule a demo today.

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