How and Why You Should Winterize Your AC Unit

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January 1, 2022

Did you know that you can winterize AC units to protect them through the winter months? Learn more about local Orlando HVAC services in Orlando by TemperaturePro. Call (407) 225-8903 today to have a professional winterize your AC unit!

Why Should You Winterize AC Units?

Winterize your AC units because they are vulnerable to cold, rust, and other damage. Water in the coils can freeze and rupture within the outdoor unit. Proper winterization will protect your investment in your AC unit from going to waste.

9 Steps to Succeed in Winterizing Your HVAC

1. Clean the Outdoor Unit

Clear away any branches, twigs, or leaves surrounding the outdoor unit. These bits of yard waste invite rodents and other pests to nest in your AC.

2. Flip the Switch to Off

After cleaning, it’s time to power down the outside AC unit. Locate the power switch on the unit. Don’t use the thermostat to turn off the AC over the winter.

3. Dry and Cover the Outdoor Unit

Now you can dry the unit off with a towel and begin wrapping it with a large tarp. Use a piece of plywood or bungee cords to secure the tarp against strong winds.

4. Insulate Outdoor Pipes

You can purchase foam pipe covers to help insulate pipes against the cold. Be sure to locate straight and elbow-shaped covers to match your pipe configuration.

5. Check the AC Unit Regularly

High winds and snowstorms can affect your winterization efforts. Check the outdoor unit every two weeks through the cold season.

6. Remove Window Units

If you rely on window units, you will need to take them out of the windows. Place AC window units in a warm, dry place to protect them.

7. Change the Air Filter

Don’t forget to replace old, dirty air filters. Air filters catch unwanted dirt, dust, and allergens. Clogged filters can force your system to work harder, break down faster, and consume more energy.

8. Clean Out Registers

Removing dirt and debris from registers, vents, and air returns helps your HVAC system stay clean. Reduce allergens by frequently cleaning out floor vents in your home.

9. Seal Gaps Around Your Home

Gaps, cracks, and breaks in the ventilation system or around the home make your HVAC work harder. Seal these areas to reduce energy consumption and improve your comfort level year-round.

Contact Us for Professional Assistance

If you don’t feel confident enough, you don’t have to winterize your air conditioner on your own. You can always contact a local professional HVAC technician for assistance.

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